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Great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential for your website.

In this blog, we will look at 5 Off-Page SEO tips including; positive link building to and from your website, using social media and email, connecting with industry thought leaders, linking with business directories, and using Google My Business.

Think about your Tech business. Your business is reliable and trustworthy. You’re established in the field. You might be the industry leader. But how does an online search engine know this? Off-page SEO is about building your website into a trustworthy and authoritative site in the eyes of the search engines.

Here are 5 off-page SEO tips that will help to improve your Tech website ranking.


1. Link Building

There are 3 types of links.

  1. Internal links = links between the pages of your website
  2. Inbound links = links to your website from other websites on the Internet
  3. Outbound links = links from your website to other content on the Internet


Search engines use inbound links to analysis of how reliable your website is. If an inbound link comes from a trustworthy source then your website becomes more trustworthy. For example, if an industry regulator linked to your website because you are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of a product, then your site would become more trustworthy.

The key is building links with authoritative sites that relate to your business and industry. Focus on quality, not quantity.


2. Social Media & Email Marketing

Optimising content for keywords and phrases continues to your social media and email marketing. Don’t forget who you’re targeting and speak their language.

Use the marketing channels that are appropriate to your business and where your existing and potential customers are. Share your content with your audience. The more people see, share and link to your content and website the more you will gain a good reputation with the search engines.


3. Industry Thought Leaders

Creating valuable content will drive traffic to your site.

  • Do you have thought leaders in the tech industry that you can connect with?
  • Can you work with them to create informative and interesting content for your customers and peers?
  • Perhaps an interview which can be created as a blog or vlog post on your website?
  • Could they give you a quote or write a foreword for an eBook?


4. Business Directory Listings

Look to see where your competitors are and try to be in the same places.

Creating a page in a business directory is a good way to increase the number of citations (a mention of your business name and address online) and links to your website. Does your industry have dedicated directories that you can be included on? Other directories such as Yelp and Yellow Pages might also be useful to your business.


5. Google My Business

Finally, the last tip for this blog: if your company is location-specific, create a Google My Business page.

When people use Google to search, your listing will appear with a map and information about your business. Google has made it easy to update this information so you can keep it fresh and updated.

If you haven’t already read our blog 5 Essential SEO Wins for Manufacturing Company Websites then please do so. It discusses 5 essential On-Page SEO wins that you can use to improve your website performance.


These are just 5 of the essential techniques you should employ for your digital strategy to boost performance and get found by new visitors searching for your product and services.


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