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Industrial IoT is being applied to warehouse and loading bay industrial door applications to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs with fast, accurate and real-time monitoring of the loading bay and warehouse doors lifecycle status. Monitoring is achieved using new IoT technologies such as low-cost temperature sensors, flow rate sensors and power meters. The intelligent system automatically detects anomalies including high and low temperatures, flow rates or different power consumption values than are normal for the device.

Nowadays, industrial doors are high-tech. But what is even more important, they are smart devices controlled by IoT systems. With real-time monitoring and alerts, you can easily prevent unnecessary costs, ensure faster recovery time and reduce the risk of downtime with our monitoring solution.


Keep your industrial doors running smoothly, reduce downtime and save on maintenance costs.

Sensors monitoring doors can send alerts and alarms to maintenance technicians. The system also provides real-time tracking, door open/close status, temperature sensors (to prevent problems with overheating) and more. From preventive maintenance to health monitoring, an industrial IoT sensor solution can help you monitor your door installation from anywhere at any time.

Industrial doors are designed for heavy-duty performance and installation in many industrial applications. Doors can be used in warehouses and distribution centres for storage and logistics. They can also be used as loading bays with industrial cranes or lifts. Often these doors are exposed to high levels of wear and tear throughout their lifetime. Reliable door operation is required for both the safety of those using the door, and the integrity of goods being transported. Load sensors embedded into the door to detect when it is loaded will help you to determine when a door needs maintenance and prevent costly downtime.


Remotely monitor and analyze your industrial doors, providing you with a less reactive and more proactive maintenance solution.

IoT connectivity between an industrial door and a back-end server can help monitor the door and automatically send alerts if there is a problem. This preventive maintenance monitoring solution can reduce industrial door maintenance costs and increase system uptime by providing real-time alerts that help minimize downtime.

The IoT door sensor(s): monitors wind speed, temperature, humidity, and position of the industrial door. The sensor(s) sends data via the M2M wireless network to a secure cloud server where it is processed to identify potential problems. The cloud server sends an alert to a local dashboard or via email and SMS, so that the warehouse management team know the nature of a particular problem or a parameter moving outside pre-defined safety limits. Specific action can then be taken to book maintenance as required.


Preventive maintenance monitoring reduces service costs and overall cost of operations

Industrial doors form the backbone of a warehouse or distribution centre. They keep people, products and inventory protected, secure and flowing in and out. Your industrial doors are as important to your bottom line as any piece of equipment in your facility. Every hour they’re down means lost revenue. That’s why you need to keep tabs on sensor and actuator performance to know when they might fail so you can schedule repairs ahead of time. The quicker your industrial door is repaired the more money you can save.

IoT has already been adopted in many areas, including manufacturing. The ability to connect devices wirelessly can provide a wealth of data regarding operational and environmental conditions in industrial settings, which translates into higher performance, reduced downtime and increased business efficiency. By utilizing the technology, accurate measurements of critical metrics such as temperature, vibration and humidity can be collected about equipment in 1000+ sites around the globe.


Gen8-IoT™ from Powerhouse Digital, is a groundbreaking industrial door management software solution. It increases the productivity of your operation, improving accuracy and cutting costs.

It offers: Advance analytics, alert and notification tools to help prevent costly damages to people and assets.

More importantly, it helps your organisation reduce it’s carbon footprint and works towards meeting your Net Zero targets.


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